Stoke Beer



The McCashin family was famous for being a pioneer of craft beer, starting New Zealand’s boutique beer revolution with their distinctive, high-quality product and making the McCashin’s Brewery an independent success story. In 2009, a new generation of McCashin’s took over the reins of the family tradition. Their brief was to create a strong brand for a premium true craft beer aimed at the upper end of the mass market, to compete with mainstream “faux craft beers” within New Zealand.

After picking a brand name that reflected the beers origins, our solution was to create Stoke’s strong typographic logo. The logo is solid and unashamedly blunt, with a slightly naïve retro charm. Stoke successfully sets itself apart from other commercialised beers through its quality ingredients and authenticity of history and process. A simple colour palette distinguishes varietals whilst the gold foil details reflect the beer’s premium attributes. An elegant, yet masculine bottle accentuates its sturdy southern roots but speaks to its discerning new consumers. With its authentic history, honest qualities and unique design package, consumers have a true craft beer to love again.

2011 - Bronze Best Award - Stoke Packaging
2012 - Gold Graphis Logo Award - Stoke Logo
2013 - Silver International Beer Challenge Award - Stoke Packaging