Hotel Fitzroy – Curated by Fable



Curated by Fable is the ultra-boutique small-scale offering of Fable’s boutique luxury hotel brand. The first to open, Hotel Fitzroy.

Founded on the idea of tailored, personalised service, the Curated concept is a series of small hotels with under 10 rooms, where every detail is customised to the individual guest in an intimate small-scale setting.

It needed to stand apart from Fable, avoiding confusion between the different service offerings or available facilities, and allowing differentiation in price points.

Briefed to ensure it would align with the Fable masterbrand and enable the client to build equity across their portfolio cohesively, we had the challenge of creating something that was different, but under the same roof – maintaining connection alongside differentiation.

Curated by Fable’s brand draws on select elements of the masterbrand including a restricted selection from the colour palette, and playful copy executions. It extends these out with elements bespoke to Curated, including a property-specific pattern inspired by its unique architecture, a new coral colour added to the palette, and an adapted version and application of the Fable brand fonts. A less traditional take on premium service than one expects of a larger hotel, Curated brings a contemporary edge to Fable’s portfolio and this is reflected in the more pared back visual elements and bolder take on the master brand’s colour palette.