Bloc Identity



Positioned at 20 Normanby Rd Auckland, Bloc is a unique destination that brings together an evolving community of design focused brands such as BoConcept, Citta Design, Collected, Douglas & Bec, Father Rabbit, and World - collaborating to create an interactive environment for discerning and curious shoppers who choose variety, not predictability.

At the heart of Bloc is a belief in great design, and a desire to connect and grow a community of people that have an appreciation for design in all of its forms. As a people New Zealanders are far from slaves to design. There is a limit to the design price point that needs to be understood by any successful New Zealand based design retailer. Auckland is not a Zurich or New York, where aesthetic appreciation would be at its highest, complete with commensurate followers with the wallets to match. Retail ‘design’ is spread across the affluent suburbs on a store-by-store basis. While there is a definite design ‘community’, there is no physical hub, no place where people can gather to appreciate – and buy – great design from a collection of like-minded businesses. This presents Bloc with a unique opportunity – to be the first mover in creating a design centred entity, with multiple complementary tenancies.

The Bloc identity required the strength of character to stand on it’s own but not conflict with the eclectic brands showcased within the building. This informed the simple and unpretentious approach to the design and restraint in over “decorating” the identity. Meaning and personality are added when needed through supporting positional statements which can be informative, inspirational or create intrigue around the brand.

2013 - Bronze Best Award - Bloc Identity Design